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Green Residence
Oak Lake , Ontario
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Tamworth, Ontario
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Tweed , Ontario
Muir Residence
Oak Lake , Ontario

Unique, Original Residential Designs - Comprehensive Plant Knowledge

Heartland Design has been involved in numerous successful residential landscape projects over the years. As landscape architects we can demystify the design process for you. With a thorough understanding of the site, we can (design)ate your desired uses to their appropriate places, while adding plantings and other garden features to reinforce the concept and develop a suitable style.

The Residential Landscape Design Process

After our initial meeting and site review, we develop several sketch concepts so that the Client’s style preferences, priorities, time frame and budget can be finalized. A fully annotated, rendered and coloured plan is then prepared. More detailed design for various aspects can then be carried out depending upon whether the client wishes to have the work put out to tender and bid on by various landscape construction companies, or if they wish to work away at the plan themselves over time.

Both Kevin and Joanne are experienced plant people and are very familiar with the plant material of Ontario.