Park and Waterfront Planning

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Lions Park
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Kiwanis Park
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Creative, Comprehensive Master Plans for Parks & Waterfronts

A master plan is a comprehensive document that sets out an overall strategy for a large project. Heartland Design has been centrally involved in the analysis, planning and design of scores of municipal projects over the past thirty years. Many of these have been centred on park development from its earliest stages; from the feasibility and desirability of various sites for acquisition, through the conceptual design process and right on through to detail design, preparation of tender and construction documents and site supervision and project management.

Thorough Site Analysis

Master planning begins with a thorough site analysis, taking into account the Abiotic character (property size, shape, location, topography, geology, hydrology, soils, microclimate etc) of the site; the Biotic character (existing plants and animals) and the Cultural attributes (land use regimes, regulations, infrastructure, social character, historic elements, views and other human and built elements); before synthesizing and producing a conceptual design based on the Client’s program for development.

Park and Waterfront Park Planning and Design

Heartland Design has played significant roles in the preparation of master plans for the Belleville East Bayshore Waterfront, the Centennial Park Waterfront Masterplan, The Point Park in Sydenham, City Park and Woodbine Park in Kingston, Boyd Park in Belleville along with many others.

Sports Field Planning and Design

As a specific aspect of park development, Heartland has been involved in a number of sports field designs, including the construction of Zwicks Park Twin soccer facility in Belleville, community soccer fields in Stirling, Markers Acres and Woodbine Park soccer fields in Kingston, and the Henderson Recreation Centre in Amherstview.